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Allcrux Product Suite

Allcrux in its entirety provides for a platform that automates and integrates legal, tax and financial processes. Some of its features can be acquired on a standalone basis, while others can be either included or excluded in the overall offering. In addition, the experiences of implementing our solutions have provided us with some unique insights in data cleaning for large datasets typically found with multinational groups and investment managers.

Our standalone products include:

An industrialized data cleaning process for group/structure data

Data quality among asset managers and multinational groups often is a complicated matter because data has historically been gathered at different stages, through different tools, in different formats and under various datamodels. We have a record of squeezing data regarding broad ranges of entities and the (financial) relations between them in a single datamodel.

Automated structure charts (in various degrees of semantic detail)

In some cases clients have data and required automation in place, but could use (better) structure charts. In this case we can integrate with existing platforms and provide for structure charts in various formats (ranging from static SVG/PDF to interactive charts rendered in your browser). Charts can be included in an overall setup or can be acquired on a standalone basis.

Legal Entity Management features

We provide for a lightweight – SPV oriented – suite of corporate secretary features. Among these are: board and mandate management, entity identifiers, cap tables, share registers, legal document archiving, automated archiving via QR codes etc.

Intra Group Loan Module

  • Main loan attributes
  • Outstanding amounts
  • Interest calculations
  • Compounding

Accounts and e-filing

Charts of accounts and trial balances can be uploaded, stored and archived per closing date. All data embedded in these trial balances becomes accessible for further functionalities (ranging from mere approval of the annual accounts to various diagnostic tax related alerts and reports – e.g. flagging issues with interest stripping or CFC rules)

Document generation

Share registers, board resolutions, terms and conditions for various agreements, merging templates with data that gets imported or entered in our database via our user interface is what we do. Your documents can be generated in word, html and/or pdf. Documents can incorporate structure charts, balance sheets, annual accounts, or plain text that adapts in function of various scenarios and combinations of KPIs.

Documents can be generated per individual entity or (in batch) per predefined group of entities.

“Allcrux is unique in the sense that it truly creates integration between legal, financial and tax processes”

Full Suite Features

As stated our overall product allows to include/exclude the above products and some further features that typically require a deeper level of configuration.

Allcrux enables you to easily govern your data from one central point using management and automation features that integrate with your existing information infrastructure.

Legal Entity Management

  • Manage your legal entities automatically, with a focus on investment management and international holding activities
  • Carry out corporate housekeeping at the entity level as well as group-wide legal processes, including alerts for maturity dates, legal document classification etc.
  • Automatically follow the evolution of agreements between group entities and provide administrative support with robotized documentation
  • Generate cap tables from detailed transaction data that can be imported from any source
  • Generate shareholder registers, bond registers, etc. automatically from cap tables
  • Keep track of board mandates, auditor appointments etc.
  • Schedule meetings with automatic invites and presence tracking
  • Store parameters for voting and sweet equity agreements
  • Allcrux Legal Entity Management makes it possible to integrate your legal, tax, and financial business processes

Tax Automation (including Transfer Pricing)

  • Automate tax processes in collaboration with established advisory firms
  • Generate various types of tax returns to different degrees of completion and automation (CTX, WHT, etc.), as needed
  • FATCA/CRS: list all equity and debt claim holders for reporting entities and controlling persons for passives
  • Report beneficial owners and debt claim holders
  • Create automatically US forms and self-certifications (e.g., W8 BEN-E)
  • Automate Transfer Pricing benchmark studies for (back to back) financing
  • Generate TP reports automatically
  • Compliance: follow-up on due dates, filings, automated notifications
  • Configure calculations and reports for CFC, debt/equity ratio, acquisition and distribution dates, percentage held, tax status of receiving entities
  • Archive documents efficiently for specific targets

Finance and Accounting Automation

  • Use financial data to carry out calculations and/or automatically generate documentation
  • Upload trial balances as well as specific KPIs
  • Track and identify various cash flows
  • Calculate (interco) loans and follow up on nominal, compounding and interest payment
  • Status of equity instruments, share premium etc.
  • File accounts electronically
  • Export XML files for use in other applications
  • Map configurations between charts of accounts
  • Document approval of annual accounts
  • Generate content for notes to the accounts
  • Generate documentation regarding distributions, compliance with covenants, payment triggering events for derivatives etc.

Dynamic and Interactive Structure Charts

  • Generate structure charts using the Allcrux algorithm
  • Carve out relevant entities from the overall universe
  • Use smart and predefined views with highlighting features to focus on what is relevant. Calculate and show trails to ultimate beneficial owners
  • Access additional functionality, documents and information pertaining to specific entities directly from the structure chart view
  • Automatically embed structure charts into your (legal) documentation, TP studies etc.

One-Click Due Diligence Data

  • Quickly view all data embedded in a structure and select what needs to be made available
  • Export relevant data to various formats for easy upload into any due diligence process
  • Be ready at all times for your (vendor) due diligence

Automatic Versioning and History

  • Use automatically generated snapshots of both the structure charts and timestamped reports following every transaction
  • Always be ready to review the situation as it was at any given time in the past
  • Accurately and confidently answer auditor requests or authorities' inquiries about any entity's history

Intra Group Loan Module

  • Main loan attributes
  • Outstanding amounts
  • Interest calculations
  • Compounding

Facts and Figures

200+ company types based on international tax and legal requirements

Entity data from 127 countries stored and handled

Registered and documented 50,000 entities with 60,000 financial instruments or relationships

Over 10,000 entities defined in a client structure

EUR 100bn in assets serviced

Why Allcrux?

  • Ensure compliance through good data governance
  • Gain full control and visibility over your structure, including history of communications with banks, auditors, authorities, etc.
  • Integrate and automate legal, financial, and tax functions
  • Rich configuration options to fit your specific needs
  • Choose between flexible deployment in the cloud, private cloud or on your own premises
  • Benefit from the most state-of-the-art, highly secure and compliant deployment
  • Stay up to date and fully compliant with new requirements (e.g., UBO)

Enhanced Data Quality

Get feedback that is useful for data cleaning. The byproduct of using Allcrux is solid data governance.

Digital Hybrid

Digitize your investment structuring and maintenance and bridge to the paper and external world where needed.

API first design

You need to integrate Allcrux with other existing solutions that are already in place. That's why you get modern API interfaces and extensive import and export capabilities right out of the box.

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